The BICEP2 experiment

We are very pleased to announce our B-mode spectrum results! The papers, data, and figures can be viewed and downloaded here:

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BICEP2 BB auto spectra and 95% upper limits from several previous experiments (Leitch et al. 2005; Montroy et al. 2006; Sievers et al. 2007; Bischoff et al. 2008; Brown et al. 2009; QUIET Collaboration et al. 2011, 2012; Bennett et al. 2013; Barkats et al. 2014; POLARBEAR Collaboration 2014). The curves show the theory expectations for r = 0.2 and lensed-ΛCDM.

Graduate student Jonathan Kaufman placing a protective cover on top of the BICEP2 window's baffling in preparation for the installation of a 45 degree mirror for calibrations.

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